"Hello, I'm Takahiro! I work at Chaldea as one of their master. Oh you're the new guy? Let's take this to somewhere more private, shall we?"

How is work at chaldea?

To be honest, it's really cold here! sneezes

Most of the time, we simply work with our servants to collect relics and stuffs, basically training. We hardly have Armageddon scenarios these days, which is a good thing! Although, I cannot lie I want to have more adventures and meet new heroes, because I met Napoleon on one of mine!

Napoleon? He's like dead, right?

Well, let's just say Chaldea found a way to give "life" to various historical figure to fight alongside human in the struggle to protect humanity!

One of them is Napoleon, with his big gun, he would destroy everything on our way with a beam of rainbows !

I am also a big fan of Iskandar, both could [redacted] me all day. Here's my ID if you want my help: 924673680 (JP)

Enough about chaldea, tell me about yourself, Takahiro!

Please call me, Hiro! offers drinks

I am a guy, that likes other guys as well, so if you are homophobic or wants me dead, either go or fix your ways. This applies as well if you are racist, starts fandom drama, etc. (basically the standad DFI criteria)

As you know, I work here at Chaldea, most of the time. Oh! I'm an Aquarian, INTP, and I love the colour blue. I speak Indonesian, English, and Japanese. Oh, before you befriend me, I swear a lot, rant sometimes, and I like to share NSFW arts. laughs nervously while staring at mantiddies

Other interests?

Games, DnD, Anime. I spent a lot of times playing games, mostly. If you play Genshin Impact and LoL WR, let's play together sometimes! I watched various genre of anime, but I enjoy sports anime (Haikyuu, Free, etc.) and Sh┼Źnen!

"Oh! Look at the time! I have to get ready for my next mission, why don't you contact me again here?"

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